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Must-have tools for a Pro.

Code with confidence.
With Conquest tools, delivering a consistent professional-looking and efficient PL/SQL is a lot faster and more convenient.
Security checks
are implemented in ClearDB Documenter to run a comprehensive audit of your database across 29 policies.
Pl/SQL validation rules
are available in an automated code review tool, improving the codebase and saving you time on bug-tracking.
Object types
are supported in Conquest tools with detailed parameters and creation wizards. As much as you can get in Oracle Database 12c.
Built around your every need.
Create professional database applications and profound documentation with ease.
Optimize and validate.
Squash bugs with just a click. Analyze and improve thousands of scripts, control code with rules and metrics.
Develop faster.
Work smarter with intelligent wizards, workflows, assistants and online validations. Adjustable all-through from junior to pro.
Enforce standards.
A non-intrusive code validation helps create a consistent, efficient, and secure code. The one, that's easier and cheaper to maintain.
Empower the analysts.
Unique pseudocode, flowcharts and diagrams make your discussions with analysts and business productive and visually rich as never before.
Foster the teamwork.
Reclaim productivity working with third-party consultants or in distributed teams with refined version control, shared code and messaging.
Document & visualize.
Drill down to every object, script, property or reference with a comprehensive and interactive documentation. Share it securely.
Migrate the legacy.
Leave out orphaned objects, poorly written procedures, and other code trash while extending lifetime of your software.
Avoid security risks.
Introduce your code to fine-grained security auditing. With 630 security checks and 29 policies, threats shall not pass.
Manage and monitor.
Get 360° control over internal processes and asses system performance. Orchestrate complex procedures with ease.
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