ClearSQL 9 launched with a totally new look

We are excited to announce the release of ClearSQL 9, featuring dramatic changes in the application's UI&UX. We completely reorganized all the menus and toolbars around the app, making it easier to reach frequently-used options and perform typical usage scenarios. ClearSQL now also supports several color themes, adjusting the UI elements to the light and dark mode on the fly.

The optimized search engine can now find whatever you are looking for, be it a code element, script, code review rule, diagram block, or even application option, while the new smart filter helps find scripts and code analysis results, especially in huge projects, instantly filtering the project tree by script statuses and names.

Code analysis can now be started much faster: just choose PL/SQL scripts from the disk, and wait until the analysis completes. Oracle Instant Client and Visual C++ Redistributable Packages are now installed along with the app, so no additional configurations are now needed to set up a database connection.

As you start using the new version, a feature tour will guide you around the new options and help you run your first code analysis.

For a complete list of enhancements, see What's New or read Release Notes.