Beautifully simple. ClearSQL 9.
ClearSQL keeps getting better. Now with a totally redesigned UI and new look, it's much more fun and less effort to polish your code and deliver PL/SQL apps at their best.
ClearSQL 9 is all about effective code reviewing. Switch to the dark mode to add more contrast to your code editing experience. Upload PL/SQL scripts right from the start to get instantaneous analysis results. Manage thousands of scripts by filtering the project in a handy way. Find anything from a code unit to application options with the new global search.
More great features to enjoy
Out-of-the-box database connection
Adjustable datagrids
Choose the preferred color scheme for all the datagrids in the app to improve your visual experience while working with the data.
New features first
Take a tour around the new features to become even more productive. The tour automatically starts at the first application launch.
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