Conquest product support

We help you resolve any issues with Conquest software and get professional actionable feedback to your requests.
product support
  • Customers with a support contract
    Customers with an active AMS (Annual Maintenance and Support) contract enjoy patches and product updates, priority technical support with guaranteed instant replies and allocation of senior support reps. All product updates including major versions, and patches are provided at no extra fee.
  • No support contract
    Conquest will undertake commercially reasonable efforts to resolve the issues reported by customers without a support contract. They will also receive critical product patches for their software. However we will not be able to provide any guidance on the priority and the time of resolution. The product updates should be purchased separately.
Getting assistance
We provide three efficient ways of communication. Choose any.
Online Support Desk
Online Support Desk
Online Support Desk (OSD) is an inline feature of any Conquest product. It's an instant two-way communication with our engineers. Fast and simple.
There's a specific email address our engineers monitor 24/7. So if you prefer tracked email communication, click here — we're happy to help.

Support rules
Some basic information regarding support contracts and services.
Further details are available in your EULA.
  • Matching service levels
    All licenses of a given product must be supported under the same technical support service level. You can not support a subset of licenses of a certain product.
  • Reinstatement of support
    If the support renewal date was missed by a customer by the period of over 30 days, the reinstatement fee is applied. It will be calculated and communicated to a customer on request.
  • Termination
    By default, a support contract terminates automatically. Conquest will send several notifications to remind of expiration.
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