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A modern PL/SQL IDE. Exadata and 18c-ready. Just performant.
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Indulge your productivity.
SQLDetective offers an extensive toolset of over 50 functional modules to help you design, code and maintain your DB faster and smarter.
Crush the code.
SQLDetective supports 59 object types in Oracle Database 12c with their properties, privileges, DDL, dependencies, source code and more.
Wizards and inline assistants take out the routine and give you more time to create and design.
Enjoy the code review and improvement tools, interactive visuals, integrated support for Oracle EXADATA and more.
Rethink how the teamwork looks like with a chat platform integrated into the IDE. It's fast and secure with Telegram-powered chat.
Built around your every need.
Create and change attributes for tables, views, triggers, indices, clusters, collections, jobs and other objects with feature-rich wizards.
Avoid common mistakes and code consistently using inline Code Analyzer.
Pin down those pesky bottlenecks, monitor and adjust database and session performance deep down to low-level parameters.
Use bind and substitution variables in statements and step through the code with a multifunctional debugger. View execution plans and fine-tune conveniently with Explain Plan feature.
Build an efficient communication with process stakeholders and analysts using interactive flowcharts and diagrams. For tech minds there are extra visual deliverables to build insights, like data flow diagrams and CRUD-matrices.
Any query is built with ease with a visual Dataset Builder. Popular formats are natively supported, so you can move around scalar and complex data types.
Tasks are performed faster with the needed tools always at hand. The essential and pro-level functions are logically organized in an adjustable UI. You can even work with several databases at once and switch on the fly.
A great toolset for every role.
SQLDetective is a robust PL/SQL IDE with an exceptional coverage for development-related functional areas.
Produce performant and maintainable PL/SQL code taking full benefit of 12c and Exadata functionality. Develop faster with wizards and inline assistants. Improve execution plans and resolve bottlenecks with detailed debugger and tracer. Tune the IDE to familiar shortcuts and behaviour in a click.
Write strong, structured code ensuring corporate standards and integration requirements are met. Troubleshoot DB architecture problems, plan migrations and scale-ups with itemised reports and interactive diagrams. Schedule times for upgrades and repairs with detailed engine statistics.
Professional DBAs
Monitor and manage sessions, tablespaces, data files, rollback segments, users & roles with full support for Oracle RAC. Control object grants, locate top sessions and troubleshoot query performance. Implement your DevOps strategy with ease with a unified tool.
Let your inspiration flow.
Discover more amazing tools for Oracle professionals from Conquest.
A revolutionary platform to generate comprehensive DB documentation and run security audit.
An ultimate validator and quality improvement tool for your code.

SQLDetective 4.7


Create with ease.
Configure settings for each DB object with its own wizard. Grouped by 59 object types, wizards provide full access to complete object-related configurations and object attributes.
Understand dependencies.
Understand unfamilar PL/SQL and figure out data dependencies with a help of a Data Dependency Analyzer. It represents referring data based on integrity constraints, like primary key, foregin key, and unique key.
User-friendly environment.
SQLDetective features a configurable environment that allows full customization. Use the predefined interface and shortcut settings from one of the classic tools or create those of your own.
Code quality delivered.
Make your code easy to maintain and detect potential errors and inconsistencies early in the development cycle with the extended set of Code Review Rules.

Enjoy a stunning visual experience analyzing objects, workflows and scripts with interactive flowcharts and call tree diagrams, metrics reports and CRUD matrices.
Refined version control.
SQLDetective can track changes for a database, a schema or an object giving you an unprecedented degree of refined control over versioning. Individual changes are highlighted and color-coded making it easy to read differences. To track progress, you can receive automated comparison reports, too.
Migrate smoothly.
Migrate databases using DDL. Extract DDL at the object and schema levels using either Oracle's DBMS_METADATA or SQLDetective's native engine. This ensures that no object of property is left behind during the migration or bulk replication.
Develop for performance.
With the new SQLDetective 4.7 you can now develop specifically for Oracle Exadata — make most of Columnar Compression, Flash Cache and refined access to storage cell specific functionality.
Take your data anywhere.
Export and import scalar and complex data types into many popular enterprise and desktop formats. Browse, search and modify data across massive arrays in a snap.
SQLDetective 4.7.2
Learn about the latest updates for SQLDetective.
Full support for Oracle Database 12c
Support for a complete set of 59 database object types in 12c.
DBMS_METADATA or a built-in engine
Switch between Oracle's native or SQLDetective's engine to punch individual objects or an entire Oracle schema.
Rules editor
Create your own code review rules with XPath syntax.
And more

  • "SQL Execution Wrapper" in the "SQL Editor" allows enclosing any script execution by "start" and "finish" commands.
  • A powerful data protection feature provides granular control over the execution of potentially unsafe statements, copy and import operations.
  • Telegram-based chat.
  • Support for Exadata storage cells specific functions and attributes.

Even more details on the release are available in SQLDetective release notes.

Published date: June 28, 2018
    See the manuals, instructions and whitepapers.
    200 MB free space
    Microsoft Windows 7 and above
    IE 9.0+, Firefox, Chrome
    administrator privileges
    Microsoft .Net Framework 4.0+, Visual C++ 2008 and 2015 Redistributable Packages (will be installed if missing)
    32-bit Oracle Client 9+
    Oracle Database 9i-12c