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At Conquest, we have initially developed very strict rules of processing the data we receive from our users. Basically, we summarized them in our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy. We are happy that, starting 25.05.2018, GDPR has brought numerous best-practices we've been applying for a long time to every user in the EU and beyond. Now more than ever our customers are in control over what the companies know and how they manage this information. To make it simpler for our customers and prospects to understand what information we collect and store, we provide the explanation below.
Website visitors.
The information below concerns visitors of
  • Website analytics
    Once you visit our website, we track your activities with Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel. These are the tools being used with basically most of the websites nowadays. Even though the data is presented in the aggregated form and we can not track individual users, the access to analytics accounts resides only with our marketing team. The data is used to analyze user behavior, run retargeting activities and track the results of marketing campaigns.
  • Mailing platform
    Every time you fill out a form on our website, including the trial downloads, the data is sent to MailChimp, a popular mailing platform. All the lists have GDPR-fields, so you can choose anytime what information you want to receive from us, if at all. MailChimp takes control of subscribers' activity, managing opt-outs and mail bounces. We never sell or provide your data to ANY third-parties.
  • chat platform
    When you visit a website our chat platform,, tracks your IP and gives us a generalized user profile: IP, country, city, browser type and chat transcript, if any. This data, as well as the chat transcript, is stored on servers and the company provides all necessary featuresto comply with GDPR. We monitor transcripts to improve quality of service from operators and aggregate user requests.
Software users and prospects.
The information below relates to you if you submitted your information through a website form, downloaded a trial copy of our software or purchased a license.
  • CRM
    Once you enter into any form of communication with Conquest, this information is reflected in our CRM. We store each prospect's mailing history with our managers and company's public data, their quotes and invoices, log of trial downloads and previous purchases, if any. This information is used by our sales managers to provide personalized offers and by the marketing team to run targeted campaigns for prospects. The system has all the GDPR-enhancements in place.
  • Mailing platform
    Every time you order a trial copy of our software through a website, the data is sent to MailСhimp, a popular mailing platform. This is used primarily to send you a download link, and a series of onboarding email to improve your product experience. All the lists have GDPR-fields, so you can choose anytime what information you want to receive from us, if at all. MailСhimp takes control of subscribers' activity, managing opt-outs and mail bounces. We never sell or provide your data to ANY third-parties.
    For order management and license assignment, we use the in-house back-office system. It stores the customer profile and the order history, keeping track of all the purchases and licenses assigned to a customer. We made sure it's fully GDPR-compliant: all the records are stored encoded, the passwords are hashed, we can export the profile anytime on user request and the access is fine-grained. The contracts team has access only to the order-related information, and support has access to your AMS order details.
    We use Zoho Desk to provide online support to our customers. It gives us an opportunity to track customer's tickets, operator's replies, build a knowledge base and keep the communication organized. The subdomain
    Conquest Software Solutions is used for the cause. The information provided at user registration, as well as the content submitted by operators and customers, is accessed by the support team only. The system has all the GDPR-enhancements in place.
  • Telemetry
    Telemetry has been implemented throughout all Conquest products starting from SQLDetective 4.7, ClearSQL 7, and ClearDB Documenter 5, and collects anonymous data related to the feature usage patterns. Basically, we count the number of selections of the menu items and clicks on the buttons and relay it to our server. The following data is collected: GUID (Globally Unique Identifier), product name and version, module name, action button name, number of clicks, and the timestamp of the last click. Disabled by default, telemetry does not have access to user data, and no user information is ever collected, stored or transmitted by telemetry functions.
In a nutshell, we have orchestrated a number of reliable globally recognized solutions to deliver a consistent, controllable and GDPR-compliant experience to our customers. Anytime you can obtain a complete snapshot of your data, an export of the data related to you from any of the systems we use, or request that we completely remove you from any or all of our systems. The mailing options are available in every mail you receive from us. There's also a generic address, which you can use for any GDPR-related communication.