Welcome the new ClearDB Documenter 5.

ClearDB Documenter 5 brings in new industry standards for documentation and maintenance of Oracle Databases. Improved quality control of PL/SQL code, streamlined UX, improved security audit experience, new 64-bit versioning, and over 70 new features make code quality control more efficient and fast. Over 170 revised rules take code review experience to a whole new level, detecting grave syntax and structural errors while organizing them in a readable form.
ClearDB Documenter 5 also introduces new core features that simplify sharing the database documentation. Attach files or text comments directly to pages in a database report to get instant access to review notes or accompanying materials.
Documentation on large instances is now much easier to handle due to changes in search and filter algorithms. Objects of the same type are logically organized in a central panel and search is now scope-aware, retrieving results much faster.
The Database Security Audit tool opens up new possibilities to control business-critical data in your Oracle Database. It now generates a security report as a totally independent document, with encryption and password protection always on, keeping objects' properties and source code out of the target file. This is specifically important for GDPR compliance control and reporting.
Available in 32- or 64-bit architecture, the new release simplifies database management, delivers significant improvements in usability, performance and security-related functionality.