The new SQLDetective 4.7 arrives.

Conquest SQLDetective, an award-winning professional Oracle IDE, has received a feature upgrade, available January 29. In this release, we focused on enhanced code-quality analysis, personalization, security features and advanced support for 12c.
SQLDetective now runs on thousands of developer workplaces worldwide, and we've been continuously improving the tool to deliver consistent coding experience for PL/SQL gurus and starters alike. For every object in your database, the creation process now could be performed by wizards to help you focus on logic, rather than routine. Now you also have a refined control over a complete set of object parameters to make most of your Oracle database. The support for Oracle Exadata features is now natively integrated across the IDE.
The performance has been greatly improved, too. Data retrieval, object validation, export and import operations are now optimized for speed and make data pumping or migration tasks faster and more reliable. To streamline migrations, switch between Oracle's native or SQLDetective engine to punch individual objects or an entire Oracle schema.
The new SQLDetective also introduces a powerful data protection feature, providing granular control over the execution of potentially unsafe statements, copy and import operations. This provides an extra layer of security for critical projects and simplifies integration of remote teams.
Learn more about SQLDetective, or download a trial version to see it in action, it's an entirely new PL/SQL coding experience.