ClearSQL 8 receives an update

A new version of ClearSQL has come out. In this release, we focused heavily on the user interface and usability issues of the major application modules. Now you can link imported scripts and folders right from the start while creating a new project, and keep the whole project synced by linking its project root folder to a DB connection node. Job execution has been improved, too. It's no longer interrupted by occasional pop-up messages and doesn't fail when the project root folder is linked to a DB schema.
Filters applied to the main Project Tree are now applied in all relevant modules to keep a single view of the tree. Selection of project tree items now always restores after analysis completes so you can use it for further cycles. ClearSQL has become even more convenient to work with on high-DPI display and proves to be more stable.
To update your ClearSQL, start the OSD Updater and the new version will be automatically installed on your PC.