ClearSQL 8

A 100k lines or more of a professional code analysis a month.
For a price of a coffee cup... OK, two cups.
Become more productive
Improve code quality, detect code smells and bugs, visualize logic. Put improvements on autopilot.
PL/SQL code analysis
Over 180 built-in rules for PL/SQL code analysis. The richest selection out there.
code review rules
Your own code review rules with XPath syntax in a Code Insight-powered editor.
сode quality reports
Code quality reports with a comprehensive set of metrics to track and address issues.
interactive diagrams, insightful CRUD matrices
Visually rich interactive diagrams, insightful CRUD matrices.
support for Oracle Databases
Full support for Oracle Databases from 9i up to 18c, and Oracle Forms versions 6 to 11g.
automated code analysis
Automated code analysis to let the dev team focus on what really matters.
ClearSQL 8 comes to change the game, combining advanced features of a pro-analyzer with a pay-per-use approach.
100k lines included in a monthly fee
Just $1 per every 10k lines on top of the plan
Auto-renews monthly
What's new?
Discover even more ways to deliver efficient code
No more extra work
Reduce undesired workload and maintenance costs by removing duplicate code from your project
Secure releases
Set a code quality threshold. Works great for large teams and boosts the performance of the juniors
Balanced expenditures
Drive down the cost of poor coding decisions with technical debt metrics
Questions & Answers
What is a "metered" license?
A "metered" license includes a monthly subscription plan, providing you with a credit of 100,000 lines of code and fully-functional ClearSQL. The license renews monthly and you are automatically billed for a new period.
    What if I exceed my monthly limit?
    When the monthly limit is exceeded, we call it "overusage". You will be automatically charged $1 for every 10k lines on top of the plan on the next billing cycle.
      What happens with unused credits?
      If you have imported and analysed less than 100,000 lines during your monthly subscription, they will expire within the current plan.
        Are 100k lines limited by a project?
        No. The 100,000-limit implies that for $10 you can analyse as many as 100,000 lines for code, regardless of the number of ClearSQL projects you create.
          If I remove analysed code lines from a project, will the used credits be restored?
          No. If you have analysed a script, then used code lines, whether removed from the project or not, are withdrawn from your subscription plan.
            Can I cancel the subscription?
            Sure, anytime. Just log in to your Conquest account and click the "Cancel Subscription" button.
              Is there a licensing option other than the metered license?
              If you think the metered license is not your option, then try a corporate licensing model. There are no restrictions on the number of lines, concurrent users, or DB instances. Request a corporate quote.
              Is the support included?
              Yes, indeed. Your monthly subscription includes Annual Maintenance & Support, which means you are fully entitled to all product updates, including the major version releases, and instant customer support from Conquest customer care representatives.
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