SQLDetective 5.1 arrives.

With SQLDetective 5.1, developers can now apply custom database connection settings by automatically running a SQL script after database logon and change the user password right from the main menu and Object Navigator. It is now possible to work with system generated sequences right from the Object Navigator tree and other major modules, like Find Object and Comparison tool.

Database Monitor now runs queries in separate database sessions, which helps to avoid blocking the active session. Also, it has become more convenient to work with scripts as the Code Explorer has been added to the SQL Editor, and you can now filter the object structure right in the explorer tree.

Datasets have been improved, too. You can now search for text occurrences in all datagrids in the application and change their color schemes for a better visual experience. We also improved the look&feel of Public Synonyms and code analysis results for overload procedures, and optimised the process of refreshing the object tree on object change.

To see the complete list of changes and enhancements, please refer to Release Notes.