GDPR for DB-pros

Get your DB prepared for the strictest data protection regulation in the world.
We have created a nice visualization of the key concepts of GDPR, its impact on the database-related routines and the recommended activities.

Available as a free download, this poster comes as a PDF file. Just send it to your local printing company and ask for a poster of any size up to A2.

Pin it at your desk or present it as a useful gift to your peers in security or compliance.
GDPR for DB-pros
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Why is it a cool thing to have?
  • Simple and structured
    Simple and structured
    It's not "yet another 10-steps guide towards GDPR". We've been filtering out only the needed stuff, and put it in a structured visual manner.
  • A professional attribute
    A professional attribute
    A DB-professional is a member of a very special tribe and we enjoy working with them so much! This poster is like a tattoo, a token of your professional identity.
  • Interior-friendly
    Well, it's a trendy and visually pleasing thing after all. Not just showing you've mastered the topic, but also making a nice difference to those "PL/SQL Reference" posters on your walls.