ClearSQL 8 is available. Adds a new metered licensing model.

ClearSQL 8 comes in to change the game — now you pay only for what you use. At a price as low as $10 dollars per month, you get 100k lines of code for a fine-grained code analysis. For users working at a larger scale, every 10k on top of the basic plan go just for $1 dollar more.
ClearSQL 8 brings in great new functionality. Delivering clean code is now even easier as the analyzer accurately spots and removes inefficient duplicate code from the project. The quality assessment has become more precise too with the graphical trend indicating the code's readiness for the check-out. Teams struggling to estimate their maintenance costs can now calculate their efforts using technical debt metrics and reduce expenditures in the future.
There's much more to this release, for the complete change-list, see Release Notes.