ClearSQL 7 launched

ClearSQL 7 has just been released. Your favorite code improvement tool now runs on 32- and 64-bit platforms, boasts over 170 validation rules, advanced code visualizations, performance improvements and a revamped UI. The engine is now optimized to support ultra-large scripts, build and run complex rules and generate insightful diagrams, workflows, and charts.
The new ClearSQL is a game-changer in so many ways. Rely on industry best-practice and use over 170 predefined rules, or create your own with ClearSQL Rule Builder and familiar XPath syntax to reflect your corporate requirements. Building a maintainable and error-free code has never been easier.
The boosted engine can process even your biggest scripts, breathing life and structure back to the legacy instances. Oil the gears of those "don't-touch-this" scripts — make them run faster, use them longer. Improve the discussion with your peer analysts and architects with code and business logic visualizations. They look great and will take the conversation straight to the point.
There are over 60 other features to explore, streamlining your development process, speeding up the integration of third-party developers and juniors, improving code readability and much more. The team collaboration is now also simple with the inline secure chat, integrated right into the ClearSQL.
Purchase your copy now, or take advantage of your support contract and get a free upgrade. Every line of code is worth a professional touch.