System requirements

These are recommended system requirements for ClearSQL.
free space
100 MB free space
Microsoft Windows
Microsoft Windows 7 and above
IE 9.0+, Firefox, Chrome
administrator privileges
administrator privileges
Redistributable Packages
Microsoft .Net Framework 4.0+, Visual C++ 2008 and 2015, 2017 or 2019 Redistributable Packages (installed along with the app)
Oracle Client
32- or 64-bit Oracle Client 9+
Oracle Database
Oracle Database 9i-19c
Frequently Asked Questions
Do I need Oracle Client to connect ClearSQL to a database?
Yes. Install a relevant version of Oracle Client before connecting to an Oracle database.
How to apply a license key?
Put your license key to the application home folder and start ClearSQL. If the license key is not applied automatically, then go to "File > Preferences > License Key", click "Manually", and select the key from the file system.
What types of files does ClearSQL support?
ClearSQL works with PL/SQL scripts, Oracle Forms & Libs versions from 6 to 11, and Oracle database objects versions from 9i to 19c.
How to move ClearSQL to another PC with all its configurations and files?
To re-install your ClearSQL to another PC

  1. Download and install the latest version of ClearSQL on the new PC.
  2. Copy the license key to the application home folder.
  3. Copy the %AppData%\ClearSQL folder.
  4. Save Preferences and Code Analyzer Options to files and load them to the new ClearSQL.
  5. Back up your ClearSQL projects and then restore them in the new ClearSQL.
For details, refer to the Re-installing ClearSQL to a new PC article.
Can I install ClearSQL on Mac?
We don't provide Mac-native versions of our tools, but you've got plenty of options, which are successfully applied by many of our mac-based users.

  1. All the tools are tested in a virtual environment. You can install it with an Oracle Client to VMWare, VirtualBox, Parallels. Even Documenter, which is resource-critical runs with a minor overhead (±1%).
  2. Some users report successful launches with Wine, though we haven't tested it on our grounds.
  3. Bootcamp could also be the choice, should you prefer non-virtualized environments.
Can I run ClearSQL jobs via Jenkins?
Yes, you can, but mind the following:

— Jenkins Windows service must be started under a user account, not under a system account.
— Check the available memory heap for non-interactive applications:
  1. Open the registry value HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\SubSystems\Windows.
  2. Change last three digits of the SharedSection value to 1536.
By default, SharedSection = 1024,12288,512. The last three digits differ depending on Windows version. ClearSQL requires at least 1536.

For more information, refer to Microsoft support.

After running a job, you can check the log file %APPDATA%\ClearSQL\CS.log for errors.