Update your annual maintenance and support contract

All full Conquest licenses include a maintenance and support contract that should be renewed once a year. An active support contract allows you to upgrade your software to the latest version at no extra cost and get instant support for the technical requests submitted via the Online Support Desk and email.

Once the renewal time comes, all clients with full licenses are notified about the upcoming support expiration by email and get tray notifications at the application launch. There are two ways to update the support contract: by making an online payment or a bank transfer.
Online payment via Paddle
To update the support contract online, log into your Conquest account. On My Licenses page, click Get AMS for $N and follow a short online procedure. Once the payment is made, you will receive an email with the invoice and confirmation of the renewal.
Wire transfer
To update the support by bank transfer, use the quote that our sales team sends you a month before the support expiration date or request a quote by contacting the sales team at contracts-intl@conquest-us.com, and follow a standard payment procedure.
Automatical support renewal
The support contract will be updated instantly after the payment is made. To make sure the new support period has been activated, restart your Conquest tool. The Conquest server will automatically update the status of your support contract via the Online Support Desk and you will see the updated support period at Preferences > License Key.
Manual support renewal
If the PC where your Conquest tool is running does not have the internet connection, you need to apply a new license key manually. Once the payment is made, you will receive an email with the updated setup file and license key. If needed, download the new latest tool version using the link from the email and apply the new license key. The new support period will be activated once you apply the new license key.
This document was last updated on July 28, 2020