Create a project report

Use the Project Report Assistant to generate HTML-reports containing all code analysis data.
To create a project report
On the File menu, click HTML Report.
On th General Report Options tab, enter a report name or select an existing name from the drop-down list. You can also enter the author's name and comments. They will be shown on the Report Summary page in the output report.
Enable Include "Report Description" fields on template saving to avoid entering the report description when generating a similar report.
Use options in the Report File Options group box to define the output folder where the report will be saved after generation, and specify the report's file name.
Enable Create and save report in its own folder to store each generated report in a separate folder.
Include the Report Observations node in the report to see which project scripts require user attention.
Define content and layout of the report using options on the Code Audit Options, Summary Options, Filter Options, and Sorting Options tabs.
Click Start. Once generated, the report will open in the default browser.
  • To disable automatic opening, disable Open report after generation on the General Report Options tab.
  • To change the default browser, go to File > Preferences > General > Open HTML with Browser.
This document was last updated on February 21, 2020