Run a code analysis

To start working with the scripts, run a project analysis so that ClearSQL can build any information about the imported code. Once the analysis completes, the results will be shown in the tabs on the right from the Project Tree.

Use the settings in Code Analyzer Options to enable/disable predefined rules for code review, create custom rules, define code formatting options, customize diagrams and matrices, etc.

Use the settings at Preferences > Code Analysis to enable/disabled diagrams and matrices and define the Code Analysis window behavior.
The 64-bit version of ClearSQL can analyze ultra-large PL/SQL scripts.
If you are running ClearSQL for the first time, the easiest way to run your first code analysis is by using the Instant Analysis feature.
To run an instant analysis
Start ClearSQL, and click Analyze in the startup window.
If you are running an unlimited version of the tool and the startup window is disabled, click Instant Analysis on the Code Analysis menu.
Choose a folder with the scripts that you would like to analyze.
Click Analyze. ClearSQL will create a new project and immediately analyze the imported scripts. Once the analysis completes, the results will be shown in the tabs on the right from the Project Tree.
To run a code analysis
In the Project Tree, select one script, a set of scripts, or the whole project using the check marks.
Click the big green arrow on the main toolbar to run the analysis or press F6.
To run analysis with code formatting, click Analyze and Format on the Code Analysis menu or press Shift+F6.
(Optional) To reduce the time of analysis, disable searching for duplicate code and diagrams generation in the Code Analysis window.
Click Run. Once analysis completes, you will be forwarded to the Analysis Results window. To see the complete analysis results, refer to the tabs in the main window.
Analysis Results
The Analysis Results window shows the most important code analysis information:
  • Oracle Client
    Critical and major violations
    Shows the total number of the code review rules of the critical and major category that were violated during the analysis.
  • Oracle Client
    Flagged code metrics
    Shows the total number of the code metrics values that exceeded the defined limit.
  • Oracle Client
    Scripts with errors
    Shows the number of scripts with syntax, stuctural or logical errors.
  • Oracle Client
    Duplicate code lines
    Shows the total number of code lines that are duplicated in the analyzed scripts.
  • Oracle Client
    Technical debt values
    Shows the total amount of technical debt.
  • Oracle Client
    Autofixes detected
    Shows the number of issues that can be fixed automatically.
This document was last updated on March 3, 2020