3 steps to better PL/SQL
A brief guide on how to get started with ClearSQL.
But first, Oracle client
Before going any further, please install a relevant version of Oracle Client to ensure your ClearSQL can connect to a database.
ClearSQL 64-bit + Windows OS 64-bit
ClearSQL 32-bit + Windows OS 32-bit
Ready to set off?
Now that all is set up, you're just 3 steps away from delivering clean and performant PL/SQL code.

Create a Project
ClearSQL works with a Project -- a container of PL/SQL scripts loaded into the tool for further analysis.

To create your first project, hit Create a new Project, enter a project name, and select PL/SQL scripts you want to improve.

Connect & Import
Select single scripts or entire folders from your file system and database (yes, that's were the database connection comes in) and click Add to import the items to your project. When all is set up, hit Create.
ClearSQL works with the three types of files: PL/SQL scripts, Oracle Forms & PL/SQL libraries, and Oracle database objects.

Run analysis
When all the items are loaded, select the root node in the Project Tree and hit the green arrow to start the analysis. Explore the results on the tabs of the main window.
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