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Establish corporate rules and apply them throughout your PL/SQL projects. Leave no stone unturned by checking code compliance with programming standards and industry best practices. Create unique rules and modify them as the system evolves. We've included over 10 most critical ones to get you started.
analyse and prevent.
A thorough code analysis detects potential errors and inconsistencies. It also reveals refactorable places and deep structural issues. The built-in Code Editor enables instant fix for detected issues and commits the changed script. You can also locate and identify bugs in the code by adding monitoring and tracing statements braced with a pair of conditional compilation directives.
Build solid understanding of processes and workflows with flowcharts, CRUD-matrices and diagrams. Visualise the workflow of a package or a stand-alone subroutine and display the conditional branches, loops, and jumps to reveal the structure.
Deliver simpler, crisper and more reliable code across the whole team, no matter the experience. With the highly detailed code quality reports and a comprehensive set of metrics, you can now track the quality variation trends and impact the coding style individually or across the team.
Deliver on schedule. Always.
Save time and effort with automated code analysis at every stage of the development cycle. A scheduler generates regular reports with errors, alerts, warnings, and other issues requiring extra attention. Fully automated QA is the new normal.
Feel the difference.
View differences between two revisions of the same script or the two separate scripts, and track changes in their content and structure. Displayed side by side, differences are highlighted and are so easy to review.
Welcome pseudocode, inline comments that explain technical procedures! They bridge the gap between developers and business stakeholders. ClearSQL creates diagrams based on pseudocode, making complex scripts self-explanatory and visually strutured.
Export analysis results into numerous popular formats to share with your team and management. The report covers it all from general database info down to the script level.