What's new in ClearSQL 8.1
Discover more ways to deliver stunning PL/SQL applications.
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CRUD matrices
Discover how data is manipulated at the object and column level. In-place call trees show the data flow between subroutines and tables and help identify potentially problematic areas.
Search Tool
Instantly find scripts, folders, and code elements in your project. A double-click on a matching search result highlights the relevant code line and locates the source script.
UI customization
Use options on the View menu to hide irrelevant tabs from the main window. Set up several project and script analyzer views and easily switch between them using workspaces.
Export & import of DB connections
Save your database configurations to an XML file and easily restore them in the new installations or share within the team. Sensitive data are safely encrypted.
All in one installation
ClearSQL validates system requirements and helps you flawlessly connect to an Oracle database. Find out more about database connection prerequisites.
Code autocompletion
Added parameter and variable datatypes to the suggestions list and improved the usability of the Code Insight window. Writing XPath expressions has become more convenient, too.