What's new in ClearSQL 8.1

Discover more ways to deliver stunning PL/SQL applications.
  • CRUD matrices
    Discover how data is manipulated at the object and column level. In-place call trees show the data flow between subroutines and tables and help identify potentially problematic areas.
  • Search Tool
    Instantly find scripts, folders, and code elements in your project. A double-click on a matching search result highlights the relevant code line and locates the source script.
  • UI customization
    Use options on the View menu to hide irrelevant tabs from the main window. Set up several project and script analyzer views and easily switch between them using workspaces.
  • Export & import of DB connections
    Save your database configurations to an XML file and easily restore them in the new installations or share within the team. Sensitive data are safely encrypted.
  • All in one installation
    ClearSQL validates system requirements and helps you flawlessly connect to an Oracle database. Find out more about database connection prerequisites.
  • Code autocompletion
    Added parameter and variable datatypes to the suggestions list and improved the usability of the Code Insight window. Writing XPath expressions has become more convenient, too.