Inline Chat in SQLDetective

To make communication within team members quick and comfortable, we integrated Telegram right into SQLDetective. It's that safe and simple.
The Telegram client opens in a separate window in SQLDetective and looks the same as if you opened it in a browser. We boosted its functionality a bit, though. It can take UI screenshots and send them directly to a Telegram channel. This allows a user to cut short the "capture – save – copy – paste" cycle.
We integrated Telegram right into SQLDetective.
In addition to visual content, you can extract code snippets from SQL Editor and Stored Program Editor and send them to your teammates. Select the whole script or a few lines of code, click "Send text to Telegram" on the editor's pop-up menu, and the selected code will be pasted to the text box in the messenger. Telegram boasts strong security level and can hide and password protect channels, so you can share code snippets securely.
Telegram-based chat
Fig.1 - Telegram-based chat
And to top it all, we added an info panel to the Telegram window with the links to our channels: Conquest Solutions with company news and insights, and SQLDetective where you can chat with peer SQLDetective users.
The Telegram integration was implemented in SQLDetective 4.7 and ClearSQL 7.0, and will be later added to ClearDB Documenter as well.