Introduction to docuVIEWER

We constantly stress the value of ER and R&D diagrams, call trees, flowcharts, CRUD matrices and other visual tools that are designed to turn the exploration of relationship databases into a real treat. Such visualizations make the DB documentation both easily manageable and comprehensible by acting as a map which unveils how your data is stored and manipulated.
However, there is an obvious downturn - pics "eat" space. They are heavy, take extra time to be drawn, extending the overall generation time of documentation. The solution - instant diagrams. "Instant" because you generate them on-the-go while browsing the output documentation. Technically, all data needed for a to-be diagram is already included in the documentation.
Fig.1 - docuVIEWER
To provide you with extra freedom and save you time and effort in visualizing things, we created docuVIEWER. It is embedded in ClearDB Documenter, but also available as a free standalone app.

docuVIEWER is totally self-sufficient and independent of ClearDB Documenter. E.g. your boss, to whom you might be sending weekly reports on DB performance, can use docuVIEWER to read them saving on ClearDB Documenter license.
Offline diagram generation is one of the unique and most-used features of docuVIEWER. There's a standard set of formats to choose from: SVG, PNG, JPEG and GIF. SVG is more beneficial though since it allows highlighting "call from" and "call in" upon hover over, so users generally prefer it to other formats. Regenerate diagrams in whatever format you like and with any specifications you need, without regenerating the whole documentation. Create visualizations on-the-fly with just one click when you actually need them.
Generation of a diagram
Fig.2 - Generation of a diagram
Not restricted to diagram generation only, it is great for managing and exploring documentation offline and allows unprotecting docs and security reports, creates report summaries, and has many more features to increase your productivity. Try it out and explore what else docuVIEWER can do.
There is also an online version of the tool: WEB docuVIEWER. For now it serves to view Sample Documentation, but we prepare the service to be fully functional and generally available.