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  • Maciej Czajkowski
    IT Solutions Architect at Sygnity S.A.
    "Feature I use a lot is generation of CRUD matrices and flowchart diagrams. These artifacts help me to understand the inner working of the system and also significantly speed up a process of bug resolution."
  • Jon Bates
    IT Manager at Summit Fleet Leasing and Management
    "We're very happy to be a customer, and the product is always getting better, which is a testament to the great work that you and the team are doing."
  • Julia Bergeron
    Senior Database Analyst
    "ClearSQL helps me get a helpful cross reference overview about the sources, especially when it's legacy code and looks like a ball of spaghetti."
Kevin Meade for ClearSQL
"The short answer is, I have found your software to be the best at what it does compared to any other software out there with similar functionality. I also find your team's decision making to be very good at considering user experience."
Isaac Chocron for SQLDetective
"SQLDetective is a powerful work tool that not only helps me in writing programs but also in their design and total quality control.

The wealth of its qualities is exceptional."
Brent Harlow for SQLDetective
"The solution provided by the support guys has worked perfectly :)"
Michael for ClearSQL
"ClearSQL is first class! And a really good help to me."
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