Release History
Scroll down to see the highlights of each realease and discover how ClearSQL has changed over the time.
October 1, 2019
New UI, dark mode, and global search
Instant Analysis
Skip the project creation step and run analysis immediately after you start the app. Just upload your scripts from the disk and wait until the analysis completes.
Global Search
Use the advanced search engine to look for project elements and application settings. A double-click lets you instantly jump to the found item.
UI Themes & Dark Mode
Try new themes to change how the UI elements appear in ClearSQL. Switch to the dark mode right from the startup screen for a more contrasting look.
Project tree filter
Enter some text or click on the vivid script status icons to quickly filter out the least important project items and focus on what really matters.
More in this release:

  • Totally reorganized the menus and toolbars all over the application to give you quick access to the most frequently used features.
  • Applied new toolbar icons, stylish and colorful.
  • Added alternating colors to the datagrids to improve your visual experience while working with figures.
  • The Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Package 2019 and Oracle Client are now installed automatically, which significantly accelerates the database connection procedure.
April 3, 2019
Column-level CRUD, advanced UI customization, and improved Code Insight
CRUD Matrices
Discover how data is manipulated at the object and column level. In-place call trees show the data flow between subroutines and tables, helping identify potentially problematic areas.
Code autocompletion
Added parameter and variable datatypes to the suggestions list and improved the usability of the Code Insight window. Writing XPath expressions has become more convenient, too.
Export & import of DB connections
Save your database configurations to an XML file and easily restore them in the new installations or share within the team. Sensitive data are safely encrypted.
UI customization
Use options on the View menu to hide irrelevant tabs from the main window. Set up several project and script views and switch between them using workspaces.
More in this release:

  • Added the ability to select Oracle Home from the drop-down list in the Database Connection window.
  • The Conquest application installer now checks for the installation of Oracle Client and other
    prerequisites for a successful database connection.
  • Updated the layout of the Connection Settings window.
ClearSQL 8.0.1
November 12, 2018
$10 subscription, duplicate code detection, and technical debt
Subscription license
Get 100.000 lines for analysis for just $10 per month. Every 10.000 lines more add only $1 to the total bill.
Duplicate code
Reduce undesired workload and maintenance costs by removing duplicate code from your project.
Technical debt metrics
Count the price of poor coding decisions and drive down maintenance costs with the technical debt metrics.
Code Quality Trend
Set a code quality threshold. Works great for large teams and boosts the performance of the juniors.
More in this release:

  • The service Annual Maintenance & Support is no longer automatically renewed for another period. Now it will get expired in a year but can be extended for another period upon request.
  • New startup window.
  • Added the ability to search for files and objects in the file system and database.
  • Optimized work of SQL*Plus.