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The ultimate objective of ClearSQL is to scan PL/SQL code for errors and eliminate them, making code clean and efficient. To modify source code safely, ClearSQL creates an offline project, synchronized with the dev or staging environment on demand. The Code Analyzer checks syntax of PL/SQL scripts and assigns a Parser status to each of them. It also looks for script attributes, such as Autofixes, Flagged Code Metrics, violated Code Review Rules, diagrams and matrices, and triggers alerts. The built-in Code Editor enables instant fix for detected issues and commits the changed script.
To run a code analysis:
  1. Go to Project > New Project, enter a project name, and move on to New Project Assistant.
  1. Use tabs on the left to select scripts and/or folders from the file system and/or database, and then click Add to import them to the project.
TIP: Click Add & Link to link the imported items to their sources. This allows synchronizing scripts in a bi-directional manner: source-to-projectand project-to-source.
Click Create. The project structure will appear in the Project Tree on the left.
Select the root node of the Project Tree to include the whole project in the analysis, and click Analyze and Format Selection on the toolbar.
By default, code formatting is included in the analysis. To run the analysis without formatting, click the arrow next to, and then click Analyze Selection. Move on to the Analyzer Progress window.
  1. Use options on the Options tab to define analysis settings, and then click Run Analysis.