Design beautiful web applications with your PostgreSQL database.
FADEX is the easy-to-use low-code development platform for PostgreSQL.
Build and deploy working applications in minutes, no special training needed. Intuitive interface and a huge set of prebuilt elements backed by a robust database connectivity interface just what you need to get things done.
Design beautiful web applications
Visual and inspiring
Deliver performant and secure web applications.
Enjoy the agility and speed.
The FADEX experience
A set of playful time-saving features to re-discover productivity.
Welcome innovations
An intuitive UI and a broad selection of components help you visualize logic and gear it up on top of a free database. Point, click, configure — it's that easy.
Oracle APEX alternative
Oracle APEX is great, and sometimes it's just that experience that holds back your migration. Try FADEX and embrace an opportunity to save with no compromise on UX.
Open and flexible
For advanced procedures, there's a JavaScript editor built into the tool. Enhance events, properties and create custom functions to add extra capabilities to your app.
Optimized for speed
FADEX is optimized to load huge data-sets into its grids, trees, forms and other components. Presenting and filtering data from complex PostgreSQL datasets has never been easier.
An eye-candy
FADEX relies on a DHTMLX library of JavaScript UI components, so you can design stunning web-pages with flexible layout, navigation, and catchy visuals.
Instant roll-out
FADEX is designed to operate locally on your desktop or at the department level. It takes minutes to get it up and running under Windows or Linux and less than an hour for non-IT person to figure out the functionality.
Enjoy effective development
Design robust web applications with a comprehensive software development platform for PostgreSQL.
FADEX Support
Receive prompt technical support replies, upgrade at no extra cost, and get access to the latest user documentation.
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