ClearSQL 9

Embrace the power of effective code development with the code analyzer that works.
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Make PL/SQL the best it can be

Improve your code and skills
A preset of over 180 rules checks PL/SQL against the nastiest bugs and helps you stay in line with the latest code-writing trends.
Ensure consistent coding style
Use XPath expressions to set up corporate guidelines. Introduce new teams to the in-house rules with much less effort.
Locate code smells
Create interactive visuals to instantly detect areas for refactoring. Figure out the code logic, even working on huge projects.
Cut the maintenance costs
Count the price of poor coding decisions, and extend your app's lifetime. Code metrics put the most important numbers at your fingertips.
Supercharge your effort
Introduce automation to your code analysis routine to focus on completing tasks that require your exclusive knowledge.
Keep it up and running
Put your hands on the latest technology with the full support for Oracle Databases up to 19c and Oracle Forms 6i–11g.

New in this release

Unlock the new ways of being productive.
Analyze code instantly
Better code is just two clicks away. Upload your PL/SQL right from the disk and wait until ClearSQL analyzes it for you. Now it is that simple.
Search everywhere
The global search lets you effortlessly find whatever you are looking for, like code elements, project scripts, code review rules, menu commands, and options.
Working with huge projects
Whether working with several scripts or huge volumes of data, instantly filter out the project tree to focus on the essential analysis results.
Choose your licensing
Opt for the most preferable licensing model and start delivering efficient code today.
Monthly Subscription
Get a monthly subscription and pay only for what you use. Starting at 100,000 code lines per month.
$10 per month
Order as many licenses as you need and get a corporate discount from your local partner.
$2400 per user
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